ILT Lead Update

Having worked at Stamford College since 2010 and getting the side role of ILT (Information Learning Technology) Champion in 2016, I am pleased that the ILT role has expanded as of 2020 under the guise of ILT Lead. 2020 has been a challenging year for all due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but especially within the educational sector. We have seen the teaching model go from standard classroom delivery to remote online delivery in a short space of time. This model brings with it many challenges, but also opportunities within the field of ILT. Covid has certainly accelerated ILT growth in the UK since March 2020.

My increased role has been pivotal in the college merger that officially completed in August 2020 which saw New College Stamford, Peterborough Regional College and University Centre Peterborough merge as the Inspire Education Group. This merger has led to considerable team work with my other college counterparts. ILT has played a key part with new staff and student intranets, digital induction platforms, and supporting staff using the Google Education Suite for online delivery and general expansion of knowledge. Teaching, learning and assessment is at the heart of ILT, so it has been important to support staff even more during this challenging time with Covid-19 causing lessons to be delivered remotely

I am really enjoying the role and the responsibilities it brings. I am thrilled with lecturing staff who have taken technology and used it in various ways to maintain some level of curriculum delivery for students. I wish all educational instructors around the globe the very best. Keep going!

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