Thank you for visiting this website. I come from the county of Lincolnshire in the East of England; this region is well known for its agriculture and countryside. I have a strong passion for IT and Education.

I first became interested in IT during September 2000 when I started studying the subject at secondary school. I enjoyed looking into how data is shared, manipulated and turned into meaningful information. One key area that got me hooked to the IT industry was the study of systems analysis. I was always technical minded and would often fix computer problems when they occurred. After accomplishing my higher level GCSE examinations, I moved on to further education to study the BTEC National Diploma for IT Practitioners. This is a nationally recognised level 3 qualification (equivalent to 3.5 A-Levels) that explores more of a practical side to the IT industry; systems analysis played a large role during the course. After successful completion of the BTEC, I moved on to higher education and focused on a BSc(Hons) in Web Technology. This programme was challenging in a positive way and looked at web and multimedia development along with the use of web and business processes. Since studying the BSc, my speciality has focused on web development and databases within the realms of systems analysis. I later went into a career within education and studied the teacher training course known as the Diploma in Teaching within the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLLS).

Outside of formal education, I have had useful work experience including Shaw Trust, Stamford College (previously known as New College Stamford) and the Lincolnshire Co-operative. Shaw Trust was an organisation that utilises ICT to help disabled persons look for work. Stamford College is a further and higher education provider that offers a range of courses and I did some work on their website. I maintained a part-time job whilst I was a student with the Lincolnshire Co-operative from November 2006 to November 2010, holding a supervisory store position. Since then, I successfully landed a position as IT Lecturer at Stamford College, teaching further and higher education courses. Throughout my time at Stamford, I have had numerous subsidiary positions to support management and quality. I also participate in the job shadowing scheme which allows me to occasionally work alongside industry experts to up-skill my knowledge and understanding within the IT sector.

Socially I enjoy writing, fitness and fashion. I am particularly fond of swimming and regularly participate in this activity on a weekly basis. I like to keep up to date with current affairs in the news and have a passion for new emerging technology. I adore Apple as a company and have most of their technology. I am a casual game player who enjoys free-roaming online titles where one has the opportunity to meet and interact with others worldwide. I have a strong liking for TV and film; sci-fi and fantasy are my favourite genres. One of my side-line hobbies is multimedia video development which involves recording, directing, writing and editing; I have worked within large teams and also individually on video projects. Extending from this is my interest in writing fiction and general blog posts. I have experience in virtual DJ’ing across the globe with production jingles and music from genres including pop, dance and club; my specialty is 90s and early 00s music. I am a huge supporter of the LGBT+ network and I get involved where I can.

Kind regards,
Adam Wright