General Certificate of Secondary Education (Level 2)

General Certificate of Secondary Education (Level 2)

GCSEs are the qualifications that students gain at the end of compulsory education in the United Kingdom. I studied a range of academic GCSE subjects and had particular interests in ICT and Geography. I began studying them in September 2003 and completed the award by June 2005.

English Language (Grade C)
English Literature (Grade B)
Maths (Grade C)
Double Science (Grade C C)
Information Communication Technology (Grade B)
Design Technology (Grade C)
Geography (Grade C)
Art (Grade C)
Religious Education (Grade C)
French (Grade D)
BTEC National Diploma IT Practitioners (Level 3)

BTEC National Diploma IT Practitioners (Level 3)

The BTEC National is a fully recognised vocational course studied over two years in further education college. I particularly enjoyed the BTEC National IT Practitioners course as all the units were related to computing. I began studying the course in September 2005 and completed the award by June 2007.

Language and Communications (Distinction)
Business Information Systems (Distinction)
Software Applications (Distinction)
Introduction to Software Development (Distinction)
Communication Technology (Distinction)
Systems Justification (Distinction)
Computer Systems (Distinction)
Business Calculations (Distinction)
Website Development (Distinction)
Human Computer Interface (Distinction)
End User Support (Distinction)
Operating Systems (Distinction)
Expert Systems (Distinction)
Application Software Development (Distinction)
Data, Communications and Networks (Distinction)
Systems Analysis (Distinction)
Database Management Systems (Distinction)
Business IT Project (Distinction)
BSc(Hons) Web Technology (Level 4-6)

BSc(Hons) Web Technology (Level 4-6)

The Bachelor of Science (Honours) award is a Bachelor’s degree up to level 6 in the United Kingdom’s higher education framework. This BSc(Hons) programme in Web Technology explored the radical changes in website revolution, the security factors, business processing, coding websites, working with databases and developing multimedia. I began studying the course in September 2007 and completed the award by May 2010.

Year 1 (Level 4):

Creative Technologies (71% Class 1)
Platforms and Scripting (68% Class 2:1)
Data, Networks and the Web (64% Class 2:1)
Multimedia (69% Class 2:1)
Organisations and Systems (79% Class 1)
Audio Principles (76% Class 1)

Year 2 (Level 5):

Business Processes (73% Class 1)
HCI, Computers and Society (77% Class 1)
Networks and Databases (70% Class 1)
Web Technologies (65% Class 2:1)
Web Technology Group Project (65% Class 2:1)

Year 3 (Level 6):

Advanced Web Technology (68% Class 2:1)
Entrepreneurship (73% Class 1)
Frontier Technologies (61% Class 2:1)
Professional Practise (55% Class 2:2)
Project Preparation (75% Class 1)
Major Project (67% Class 2:1)

Teacher Training (Level 4-5)

Teacher Training (Level 4-5)

Teaching qualifications are required in order to teach in the United Kingdom. Within further education, lectures have to study PTTLS (Preparing to Teach within Lifelong Learning) and then move on to complete DTLLS (Diploma to Teach within Lifelong Learning). These courses have been beneficial and taught me how to plan lessons, manage challenging behaviour and gain an understanding of legislation. I began studying teacher training in September 2011 and completed in June 2013.

PTLLS Level 4: Preparing to Teach within the Lifelong Learning Sector (Complete)
DTLLS Level 5: Diploma to Teach within the Lifelong Learning Sector (Complete)



Throughout education, I have also completed many side qualifications which have been beneficial to me. These qualifications range from practical activities to academic studying.

Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel 2016 (Complete)
Microsoft Office Specialist: Access 2016 (Complete)
Microsoft Office Specialist: Word 2016 (Complete)
Microsoft Office Specialist: PowerPoint 2016 (Complete)
Key Skills Level 3: Information Technology (Complete)
Key Skills Level 2: Communication (Complete)
Key Skills Level 2: Application of Number (Complete)
NCFE Level 2 Certificate: Equality and Diversity (Complete)
NCFE Level 2 Certificate: Principles of Team Leading (Complete)
NCFE Level 2 Certificate: Counselling Skills (Complete)
Foundation Certificate: Stress Awareness (Complete)
Level 1 Certificate: Drug Awareness (Complete)
Level 1 Award: Responsible Alcohol Retailing (Complete)
Level 2 National Certificate: Personal Licence Holders (Complete)

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