Inspire Education Group - Stamford College
During my time as an IT lecturer at Stamford College (previously known as New College Stamford), I have been part of the vigorous expansion of the IT department. I primarily teach on the BTEC Level 3 and Higher National programmes where we have an ever-increasing number of applications between the ages of 16 to 21, with some of our pupils being mature students. I  assist the course co-ordinators of the level 3 programme and we have taught units holistically, merging content and assessment criteria where applicable. I also co-ordinate the Higher National course within computing as well as deliver on this programme.

The subjects I have delivered include:

  • Computer Systems
  • Computer Networking and Security
  • Website Design and Client Side Customisation
  • E-Commerce for Business
  • Database Design and Implementation
  • Spreadsheet Modelling
  • Business Information Systems
  • Digital Graphics and Multimedia

I have also been part of the continuous personal development (CPD) delivery, teaching staff how to use the virtual learning environment (VLE) for uploading files and working with electronic assignments. I planned and designed the electronic assignment procedure for the college in January 2012 which included setting up front sheet templates, guidelines, staff handbooks, training and liaising with the Moodle code developer.

In January 2015 I became a Teaching and Learning Coach to support staff who have low lesson observation grades or to help those who have requested a coach. This was conducted alongside teaching hours and HE course coordination. This became redundant in July 2016 as the quality department was restructured. I rejoined the quality department in August 2016 as the ILT Lead. This covers the college intranets, virtual learning environment, Google Education Suite, Promonitor MIS system, and general ILT apps to support teaching, learning and assessment.

Period of Employment:

October 2010 – Present


IT Lecturer
Oct 2010 – Present

ILT Lead
Aug 2016 – Present

Previous Positions:

Teaching and Learning Coach
Jan 2015 – July 2016

Lincolnshire Co-operative Ltd.
My time with the Lincolnshire Co-operative was very pleasant and was my first official job in employment. I started off as a food Customer Services Assistant at a large centre within a rural market town. I manned the checkouts, trained for the level 1 in Responsible Alcohol Retailing, restocked the shelves and checked product dates. I remained in this position until spring 2008 when I became weekend supervisor. I became predominantly in-charge of the store on Sundays which involved opening and closing, handling cash and supervising shop-floor staff. During this time I also trained for the level 2 Personal Licence Holders course, a regulatory requirement by the county council to sell alcohol and tobacco goods on-site.

In August 2008 I transferred to the home department selling furniture and electrical goods. During this transfer I became a Home Sales Assistant which involved talking with customers, carrying out orders with large sums of money, working out total costings with delivery charges and percentage discounts, building furniture, installing electrical equipment and operating computers. I learned a lot of skills during this position including team work, mathematical skills, independent thinking and decision making. I remained in this role until August 2009.

From September 2009 onwards, I became a floating worker between different regions. I started off doing a couple of hours within a busy petrol station as a Customer Services Assistant. This role took place within a city next to my university. I also did some hours in a village store a few miles from my original store to cover staff shortages. In October 2009 I then moved to a busy village food store in-between my home town and the city where I worked previously. I returned to my supervisory role and worked long hours during the weekend. During this period I also trained to cash up the tills and enter figures into the systems. I left this store in September 2010 and returned to my first food store where I began in 2006, remaining as a supervisor. I had recently graduated from the University of Lincoln and was about to start a lecturing job in October, fitting in my CO-OP job around this. Lincolnshire Co-operative announced in October 2010 that the centre would be closing down after low takings, and due to the increase in teaching hours, I resigned from the CO-OP in November 2010.

Period of Employment:

November 2006 – November 2010


March 2008 – July 2008
Oct 2009 – Nov 2010

Previous Positions:

Home Sales Advisor
Aug 2008 – Aug 2009

Customer Services Assistant
Nov 2006 – Feb 2008
Sept 2009 – Sept 2009

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